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From language and literacy development to social skills and creative expression, the children at Immanuel Lutheran Preschool are constantly being exposed to new activities and environments in which to thrive. We build on the strengths and interests of each child to help build a solid foundation where they can develop their future.

Child Doing Art Activity


A consistant daily schedule is planned to offer a balance of learning activities. Learning is both formal and informal. Play is planned for every day. Listening is balanced with talking, group activities with solitary time, indoors with outdoors, quiet play with noisy play. Your child will have the opportunity for the following types of activities every day:

Large Group:

The total group will participate in creative movement, Jesus time/children's chapel, outdoor play, music, stories, snacks, sharing time, and one field trip or family event per month.

Small Group:

A small group of children working with the teacher or an assistant to learn a new concept or readiness skill such as cooking, painting, shapes, colors, numbers, reading/literacy or specific work at a learning center.


A small group of children working on specific reading/literacy, math, or motor skill activity.

Free Time:

The children choose from a number of interest centers where they would like to participate. They explore, experience, experiment, discover and put equipment away when finished.

Kids Drawing


Our curriculum is a framework for learning opportunities and experiences. It is a process by which learners obtain knowledge and understanding, while developing life skills. We continually revise and evaluate our curriculum to make learning interesting and to meet the different needs for individual children.

Immanuel Lutheran Preschool offers a loving, Christian environment for a child’s first learning experience away from home. The staff and the program are dedicated to the ideals and principles in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. Through our “One in Christ” curriculum, the children will come to know Jesus as their friend and Savior from sin. They will learn about the hope of eternal life in heaven. Age-appropriate materials and activities (Bible lessons, songs, prayers, pictures, crafts) will help them grow in their faith and understanding of God.

Our preschool program also uses Creative Curriculum, a research and evidence based comprehensive curriculum designed for three, four, and five-year-olds. It addresses all areas of early learning: language and literacy, math, science, physical skills, and social skills.  We provide children an opportunity to learn in a variety of ways – through play, problem solving, movement, art, music, drawing and writing, listening, and storytelling. Suggestions for modifications and adaptations are an important part of the curriculum.

What we are teaching your child - our curriculum- will be important to you. We know as parents you will also want a safe and secure learning environment for your child. Most importantly, we know you will want loving and nurturing teachers and staff who care about your child and family - like Jesus does. That's Immanuel Lutheran Preschool!

Our curriculum guides us, as we partner with the Waterloo Public Preschools, in meeting the state guidelines for the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards. We are also working on the Quality Rating System through Child Care Resource and Referral.

Kids in Preschool
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